Wedding Garden Venues

Wedding Garden Venues

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  1. lebo says

    hie there i am looking for a the garden of eden in bulawayo or graceland garden in bulawayo zimbabwe i want a venue for my wedding,may u kindly help me i have been trying to google bt i cn t find those gardens,may u kindly get back to m

  2. angie says

    hie I am also looking for a link for contacts to the garden of eden want aa venue there for my wedding in december,thnx

  3. Thabiso I Gumpo says

    ,Hie there. I was wondering if your GARDEN OF EDEN, is just outside Bulawayo? And is it suitable for kids to visit for a one day ,

  4. tina dube says

    Hie can you please assist me iam looking for a venue for my garden wedding in bulawayo zimbabwe something beautiful but affordable thanks

  5. Thanathea Nikkie Katt says

    Hello I’m looking for a wedding venue in which I can have my ceremony and reception in one location without having to book two different venues. Please help.

  6. mcbeer says

    im looking for a venue to do my wedding so i found this place interesting. may you kindly assist me on how i can do my bookings

  7. Nokuphila Ngwenya says

    Hi .please help with the information on how I can secure the services of your wedding venue for my.

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